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Ode To A Social Worker

In Recognition of National Professional Social Work Month

By Chauncey Strong, MSW, LGSW

Social Workers are important people, they help change the lives of many. At times they’re unappreciated,

and the “Thank You (s)" are far from plenty.

They listen and take care of people And at times neglect themselves, They lend a hand to help others

While at times putting their cares up on the shelf.

They are usually underpaid And often over overworked,

They rarely complain, they just keep doing the work, Important work, “His” work.

Pro athletes get paid very well because they can dunk a ball

but Social Workers are often paid very little, although they help us all.

But don't be discouraged Social Workers,

it’s not about getting recognition for the work you do, for your reward is internal and eternal,

it's between the creator and you.

There are so many people, children, and families who need you everyday

so don’t give up or give in

I promise, you’ve made a difference in at least one life today.

So from one Social Worker to another, Celebrate, this month is for you!!!

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy and strong and keep doing the great work that you do!

Written March 2001

Revised March 2007 and 2016